Cable Checklist

Check  cable routing so that no cables are “pinched” and you don’t have any sharps bends in the cables

Make sure all “inner” cables move freely – cable lube may help

Check  cables for any frayed inner wires – best to replace, otherwise a loose strand can cause it to “hang up” at the wrong time

Throttle/oil pump cable

– make sure you have at least some “play” at the throttle grip

- make sure the throttle grip will “return” to idle easily.

- check the cable end in the throttle tube – that’s where it usually frays/breaks

- check that all slides are synchronized

Choke (enrichener) cable

-Make sure you have some “play” at the lever

-try to have all 3 with the same amount of “play” at the carb adjuster

Clutch cable

-Make sure you have some “free play” at the lever on the handlebar.

-Make sure it is “locked” into the clutch release down by the sprocket

-Make sure the cable adjustment allows for the proper angle of the clutch release arm

Speedo/tach cables

-Be very careful of the cable attachment at the gauge end – they will break VERY easily