Chain & Sprockets

-Check both front and rear sprockets for excessive wear – if the teeth are “bent over” or sharp, they should be replaced, as should the chain

-The chain and sprockets should be replaced as a “set” because if the sprockets are worn, the chain has stretched and if you just replace the sprockets, the stretched chain will ruin the new sprockets

-Check the alignment of the chain from the rear sprocket to the engine sprocket, it should be a straight line, if not, it is necessary to move the chain adjusters at the rear wheel to get a straight line, otherwise the sides of the chain will wear rapidly

-Check the tension of the installed chain AFTER the rear axle has been tightened - try to have about 1 inch of “up/down” movement of the chain midway between the front and rear sprockets on the bottom part of the chain. It is better to have the chain slightly looser than too tight.

-It is imperative that the engine sprocket holding nut be tightened securely – if you have the engine sprocket that has a hole in it for the securing washer, make sure the tab for the washer is in the hole in the sprocket and then bend part of the washer opposite the hole over a side of the nut to prevent the nut from coming loose.