Oil Tank & Injection System

-It is a good idea to completely drain/remove any old oil in the oil tank

-Remove the oil line fitting at the bottom of the oil tank and check/clean the filter

-Make sure that the oil tank is “vented” – there are a couple of different types of tanks/caps, but it is absolutely necessary that the tank is vented so oil can flow out by gravity, sometimes the vent in the cap can get plugged

-Any good 2-stroke injection oil can be used – do NOT mix dino with synthetic oil

-To get oil flowing down to the pump, unscrew (just crack) the banjo bolt at the fitting on the line that comes from the tank as it goes into the oil pump. Once oil starts coming out of that fitting, tighten the banjo bolt

-Remove the 3 oil feed lines that go from the pump to the cylinders – each of these lines should be tested to make sure that the check valve that is in the “big” end of these lines is still good. Do NOT blow compressed air through these lines or you will certainly destroy the check valve. If the oil lines that you have are serviceable (where you can unscrew the banjo fitting from the line), then remove the small spring and ball and THEN blow air through them to get rid of any old oil. If the spring that is in the valve is weak, oil will seep by that valve and go down into the bottom of the crankcase and you could “hydrolock” your engine when you try to start it.