Wheels & Tires Checklist

- Check any old tires for weather cracking – if questionable - replace with new tires/tubes  

- Check rims for damage – if you can, spin the wheel and check for up/down hop and for side/side wobble

- Check all spokes for tightness – if loose, tighten and recheck alignment

- IF you can – check wheels for balance and add weights to get balance as close as you can

- Check tire for proper “fit” on rim – the wheel may be true – sometimes the tire is mounted badly

- Suggested  inflation  30-32 rear    26-28 front  (Check for your model/tires)   Make sure tubes do not leak

- Wheel bearings should spin smoothly and freely – if not – replace and repack with good grease

- Once the wheels are installed –make sure axles are tightened properly

- Check rear wheel alignment – do not rely on chain adjusters as being accurate