Rattling side cover emblems

This is probably "common knowledge", but just in case somebody has frame side cover emblems that are not tight or they want to prevent them from getting loose and rattling - this has worked for me.

If you have the little round push-on stays on the 2 pegs that protrude on the inside of the covers for the emblems, first take a small screwdriver or socket that is just slightly larger than the "bendable" part of the stays and tap down on the stay to get it as tight as possible. Once you do that and they are tight, take some silicone caulk and run it around the entire stay and down onto the cover, encase the peg, the stay and spread it down onto the cover about 1/4" outside the stay. It will set-up and prevent rattling or the emblem from getting loose. This method completely "hides" the fix on the inside of the cover, some say to put a bead of caulk under the emblem (on the outside of the cover) to accomplish the same thing, but that almost always can be seen. The nice thing is that if you want to/need to remove the emblem, the caulk comes off easily.

Just had another thought about the emblems - Some new emblems seem to be "too straight" and not conform to the shape of the sidecover. I take my heat gun and warm them up enough so I CAN bend them. Use a pair of good gloves, heat the emblem, push the emblem onto the cover by putting pressure on the area where the 2 pegs are and hold it until it cools enough to hold the shape - that "pot metal" cools pretty fast.