Oil Pump - shaft movement

Its the rotating shaft the cable quadrant mounts to. It will ride up just a skosh after a few rotations......weird

The seal on that shaft has nothing to do with the shaft "rising" on you, 

You need to take a look at the end plate on that end of the pump. I'm wondering if someone hasn't taken that end plate off and did not reinstall it properly. Somebody may have replaced the seal on that end plate? 

There is a 90 degree metal "tab" on the inside of that end plate - when you install the end plate, you have to make sure that you push down on the cable cam so that that tab "slides in" and "locks" the "camshaft" in its proper place. That tab HAS to sit on the upper small part of the shaft and it is what prevents the shaft from moving up/down. It is important that it be installed properly. 

One "give away" if it is not installed properly is that the end plate will "bulge out" and the cam will turn harder than it should. 

I have seen some of those end plates where that metal tab has broken off and that can cause some problems.

If I were you (or if anybody else has this same problem) - I would for sure remove those 2 little screws on that end plate and see if that tab is still there and is in the right place. 

If the end plate is installed properly - that shaft should NOT move up/down and the cam will turn easily.