Neat installations abound on the machine;  horn lives behind the fairing nose and stays out of the way. Since the H1R racer lacked any mounts for the standard electrical items, Furlong found new places for everything. Furlong made everything as detachable as possible: comes off by means of quarter turn fasteners.


Furlong's device is a street racer with the emphasis on racer.  The construction of the aluminum tank allows it to be jet-filled from either side; the off side simply blanked off.  The seat padding is more luxurious than original, but in no case is it cushy.

True to US racing heritage, just about everything, including tank and seat are quick release components.  With the addition of Seeley-tuned Ceriani forks, Furlong fitted a hydraulic steering damper.  Engine is limited to 9000 rpm in the interest of longer life.

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