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I charge 50.00USD/hr for porting.

I do this to be fair, as some cylinders have bad flashing in the ports or a bad mis-match of the cylinder sleeve windows to the cylinder ports. So instead of "averaging" costs, I just charge per hour.

I also charge 50.00USD for cleaning parts and removing gaskets. I donít like doing it, so please send the parts cleaned and gasket material removed. I also leave the final "clean-up" to the customer as obstructions can get in the parts during shipping.


Stage 1

This is a very nice set-up for stock carbs and stock pipes or expansion chambers.

This is close to "blue-printing". All transfers are set to a equal height, and the exhaust ports are widened, reshaped and the heights equalized. All ports (including transfer tunnels) are smoothed (not polished).  Casting flash and lumps are removed and liner windows matched to the cylinder, transfer cut-outs raised and shaped.

"Usually" the transfers and intakes take about .5 hours per port and the exhaust about 1.0 hour. And .5 hour for raising and reshaping the 6 transfer cut-outs. So the "average" price is 550.00USD


Stage 1 "PLUS"

Most triples have cylinders with too much deck height (refer to the "heads" section of my site for the explanation). Usually .020" to .050".

With the "PLUS" the cylinders are decked for the proper squish clearance, and the exhausts raised the same amount. This gives a bit more power and the compression stays stock.

This adds 60.00USD (for the decking) and approximately 1 hr. to the porting time. So the "average" cost is 660.00USD.


Stage 2

This as a great package for larger carbs and chambers.

Transfers are raised, blended and equalized, exhausts are raised, reshaped and widened for a big power increase towards the upper RPM range.

"Average" cost is 1 hour per transfer port and intake, and 1.5 hr per exhaust. .5 hour for raising and reshaping the 6 transfer cut-outs.

"Average" cost 1000.00USD.

As the exhausts are raised, the compression will be lowered, so head reworking and cylinder decking is necessary. See that section for pricing.

I highly recommend the reed valve conversion to keep "street ability".


Stage 3

Call for pricing........


(Pricing subject to change. Please call or Email to confirm)