EX500 Conversion for S3/KH 400

The conversion is pretty simple and braking improvement is significant.  The adapter used on the H1/H2 will not work on the 400 forks.  A simple bracket and sleeve must be fabricated:


The sleeve can be made from 3/8 pipe. The nut shown on the 10mm bolt must have one of the flats ground down a bit as shown.  This bolt and nut are used to attach the bracket to the lower fork mount.  The increased flat area is positioned so the caliper mount rests against it (10 o'clock).

The caliper has a projection on each side of the small pad with a clip on it to align the pad.  I had to remove about 1/16" from each projection for clearance against the rotor.  The caliper must be removed and positioned with the bleeder up to bleed the line.

length = 2.035
width = 1.00
thick = 0.20
hole c-c = 1.30
holes centered on plate
hole dia = 10mm
pipe length = 1.16

or therebouts, pipe threads optional


Conversion Using Bracket

Here is another 400 conversion w/fabricated bracket.   



EX Adapter for S series in PDF