Here is the post from the UK board, with Tom's (ValveLess) permission:

I did some checking and found out that the gold box I used, is no longer sold. At least I could not find one.

They now sell a super gold box for about $140.00 but many of you will not need it. The silver box will do fine for anyone satisfied with an 10,666 RPM limit.

A very good place for anyone to get started, is to take a look at this page.

The reason I used the 5 pin setup with the 4 pin resistor was so I could use any box available if I broke down out in the boonies. A stock box from anywhere or anything will get you home, although with a 7,200 RPM limit.

The pick up coil on your bike will work fine to trigger any Mopar box. You do need to "unground" the wiring though. Please keep in mind that it has been a bit over 10 years since I set up Miss Sweetie so every detail is not perfectly fresh in my mind.

If I remember correctly, the bikes harness has the two wires from the pick up running one wire inside a shielding wire. The shield wire was grounded down at the pick up, as I best remember it. You must unground it and make it a simple two wire run to the module (box).

I just taped the outer wire (friction tape) anywhere on the run that I thought it possible for it to make contact with the frame. If you want to run two new wires from the pick up, feel free as it's your bike. I never had the slightest problem with the way I did it.

Because the junkyards are no longer full of 70s Mopars, you might want to get the harness, resistor and box from these people.

These people have the super gold box for $20.00 less.

They say the super gold box is good for 12,000 RPM with a 4 stroke 8 cylinder which translates into 16,000 RPM for a 3 cylinder 2 stroke.

Your stock coil will not work with this set up and you need to find a 6 volt coil to finish up. All cars of that era ran a 6 volt coil even if the box said 12 volts. That was the reason for bypassing the resistor while cranking. The car's battery only had about 9 volts then and there would be insufficient fire with a 12 volt coil.

I want everyone to understand that I'm quite ashamed of what I'm about to post.

I'm going to pour a very stiff rum and coke before admitting this.

I had a good Lucas coil from an early Triumph that fit the stock H1 coil holder perfectly. Poor poor Miss Sweetie had to run around with it hidden under her tank for over 10 years and with me always shifting at 11 grand in the bottom holes.

I feel better now that I got that off my chest. I think I'll go pour one more.

This pic is the way you would want to set up a bike.

I'm almost positive that the two wires from the pick up coil can hook up in any order.
Neither one can be grounded though.

Both high performance boxes are 4 pin types and do not use pin 3.

The only reason for using the 5 pin hookup is if you were broke down and the only box available was a 5 pin type,
you could plug it in and get back home.

In other words, this set up works with both the 4 pin & 5 pin modules.