Brick cleaner it is awesome stuff!!  Love it love it love it, though one of the more tedious jobs is cleaning umpteen nuts and washers but it will be worth it in the end.  Managed to get some bits done today however, the fuel cap has been stripped and prepped ready for a re - chrome


And it was out with the brick cleaner again, more cleaning!!! thought i had finished Rolling Eyes


The fuel tap and exhaust collars have had 30 years of grime removed from them.

Its moving forward nicely and I'm quite happy with the progress but its funny that the more you get done the more you want done, doesn't help when my mate comes round on his sparkling Kh400 and teases me! Anyway the frame and swinging arm are back from the painters and looks fantastic no pictures of that I'm afraid as it is wrapped up safely in the loft.
The zinc plating has also been done and again am really happy with the results, worth all the hard work stripping and polishing. Only down side was 2 pieces went missing in the baths one was found but the other has gone amiss it seems  I guess these things do happen and luckily I can source or make the missing bit.


Armed with emery cloth, paint stripper, acid, wet and dry, scotchbrite a power drill and you name it i used it, the centre stand and some other rusty parts were prepared ready for paint....oh joy

Paint Strip:

Some of the parts I wanted to fully restore myself so iI have started the spraying process, all these will be finished in satin black and I have decided to use PJ1 as the final coat we shall see how they come out.
The parts have been primed then baked in the oven for 20 minutes, will have to do the top coat next week when the wife is back to work.

Paint Prep:

Here are some of the other items i have picked up today, all shiny and new looking again, now wrapped up and stored away for safe keeping.

Whilst the sun was shining and my wife was at work I got spraying, this was found to be a task fraught with danger as a couple of times she was due home whilst the bits were still baking in the oven!   managed to get away with it though we never did find the biscuits I was supposed to be baking when she asked "Why is the oven on?"
Anyway parts painted and are now sitting at the top of the Airing cupboard where she can't reach!


Half the spokes cleaned up !!!!!!!!!! in the meantime to relieve the boredom decided to paint some letters, very therapeutic you know.



I delivered a box of bits for Zinc plating found a place local to me and hopefully they are up to the task, its amazing how much stuff there was, this is just some of it.

Prep for Zinc Plating:

Another milestone reached is getting the last of the Zinc plating cleaned up and finished, here's some of the last batch to go away. To say I am glad this lot is done is an understatement.

It's done and its back and I'm Happy!  

Finished Zinc Plate:

While i was waiting for spares i decided to press ahead with the Ignition coils and leads.
First step the plug caps.


Then assembly to the coils.

The wheel rims and a selection of other bits which make up the last of the Re-chroming have been up to Mikey for refinishing and they are expected back this week, Yippee!  As ever, Mikey has kept me informed of progress or problems and that is much appreciated as always.

Rechrome Prep:

One of the highlights of restoration is getting things back in the post, highlight of my week was getting some bits back from my Chromers, Mikey. What can i say not only is he a pleasure to deal with. He cares and does a mighty fine job in the process so a big thank you goes to him. If I could sleep with my mudguards I would  (only kidding). Thanks Mikey, you are a star.

Finished Chrome:

And a few more bits return home ready to be fitted


I seem to be doing a lot of work with not a lot to show for it yet but things are actually happening and moving on, or so i keep telling myself. I am still cleaning up bits and pieces which on a project like this seems an endless task and I can't help being fussy so it has to be done.
Anyway to help me over the dull sessions and push me onwards I have a small monthly shopping spree at Z power to gather all the little bits and bobs that need replacing (mostly rubber bits) bit of a reward for my hard work I call it, and its amazing how a new set of side panel rubbers coming through the post can make you feel.  
For the odd bit that i have found to be missing or need replacing I have to say how lucky we are to have the internet for the research, you can find almost anything out and how lucky we are to have Z power for the supply of bits, a quick look on their web site and a couple of days later it is on your doorstep superb.

NOS Bits:

Powdercoating turned up today so i can now re fit the rear engine mounting plates for a third (and hopefully) final time, also received a new steering lock as the old one had to be drilled out on stripdown. Steering lock fitted with a jiggle along with the cover and rivet.