Sorry for the delay I was waiting for the sun to come out Laughing ........I think today has been the most stressful day of the entire rebuild but she Runs!!!!!! and she sounds sweet. Here's a few pictures I took earlier on her first time out in the open Very Happy Hope you like them......................

I still have 1 engine bolt to replace which is on its way and I was told there should be a rubber grommet around the oil tank hole so need to source one of those as well.

Then it came to the start up..... she tried to go second kick then played about a bit bursting in to life then stopping but after a couple of minutes settled down. (hope this link works)

Oil lines bled nicely, but left hand carb overflows so I will tinker with that and need to make sure the smoke settles down, I started on a premix then obviously the pump kicked in plus the pipes are full of wax!! but I will keep an eye on it and I am overjoyed at the moment with her. Tick over needs lowering a little too but that's just fettling. Tomorrow I hope to run her down the road and check the gears and if all ok book her in for an Mot. Very Happy

Now i need a Drink