Had a chat with the Chromers on Thursday and hope to take the exhausts down this week to be dunked in the pickling tank over the weekend, then to be stripped. Will try and keep a record on how they are progressing if anyone is interested as its quite a daunting part of any restoration. Here's what I am starting with anyway. This was the worst of the original pipes which has unfortunately met its end.  I think the Spiders ate it!!!


This one I have already started some work on, I have managed to get the Gravel rash
damage out of it successfully but there are some small pin holes to be repaired.


Well the pipes are back and i am quite happy with the results, now its up to me to get them to a standard suitable for Chroming again. There is a bit of a difference in the finish between them as two are my original exhausts and one has been replaced.
The worst of the originals I have noticed has sprung a couple of more holes but they still feel solid and at least they are in one piece, I am hoping to be able to get these braised up and repaired the worst case would be to have it cut out and a section welded in. I spoke to a local fabrication company and I will seek their advice.


There is also a weld repair to be improved on around the mounting bracket.
So another step closer and now off to get the hammers and the cleaning gear out.


More rubbing down, making progress of sorts and keeping optimistic (well you have to don't you?)

Well just dropped the first pipe off for some Brazing repairs, about ten areas to be worked and the bracket joint to be tidied up, only really concerned with one area but lets see what comes back.


Well for those following my Exhaust journey i have decided to nickname them The Good, the Bad and the Ugly! Just to keep me amused and my sense of humour alive during the dark hours of restoration. Laughing

The Bad is still with the workshop having repairs and all I can do is wait, wait, and wait, z z z, now the welding torch has broken so silver soldering is off the menu till its fixed, beginning to get frustrated with the time this is taking now and having had a section cut out it may still have to be put to sleep.  Neutral

The Ugly well that has more holes than my wife's colender and even though I still think it is possible to repair it that is if I can find someone happy to go at it with a welding torch (preferably tig) it will have to be replaced and hopefully I have sourced a replacement. Wink

That just leaves The Good which I picked up this
morning!!! Very Happy  One down two to go................oh my word will i ever get there?  Rolling Eyes  Very Happy

I would say that I am 85%-90% happy with it, its not perfect the back came up shinier than expected even with less attention given to it and there are still some pitting but at least it can now be fitted on the bike, will fill it full of Heat resistant paint or corrosion preventative goo first (anybody done this to theirs? advice welcomed) but couldn't resist a sneak preview.