Been working in the soft furnishing department this week, the seat for the Kh is not in too bad a shape but has got a small tear on one side and there is areas of rust underneath, My plan is to repair the tear and as it is so close to the edge I may be able to stretch it underneath the seat out of view and harms way, we will see.



With the cover and foam stripped off I can start work on the base, interesting to see there is no Primer used in the painting and the paint is just flaking off.


Paint stripping the seat base reveals the extent of the rust which is cleaned off using wet and dry and abrasive wheels, luckily all the cover tangs are intact but they do bite when you catch your finger on them.  Once cleaned its off to the pain shop for a coat of primer and some gloss black to finish it off.

Pan Strip:


Now onto the cover, there are vinyl strips which lay between the cover and the foam, a lot of these were torn and creased up, i removed all the bad ones and used a piece of one of them to patch up the tear, I then hunted round the house for a suitable replacement material and stitched in some new strips (suit storage cover works a treat)

Cover Repair:

Then with a bit of polish and some care and attention its looking good.



The seat is nearly complete now, just have to spray the hinges and latch up and fit them, I fitted a new genuine document holder as the old one was split and I will put the Daily safety check decal on when I can source one. The old decal has torn but i may try and repair it as original ones seem hard to come by.
Little tip on decals, when i removed the Battery breather decal from the seat a lot of the silver was missing, by sticking it on to Tin foil i was able to restore it and use it again.