I was hoping i didn't have to strip the wheels but the chrome has rusted in places and it would let the rest of the bike down so here goes. First i had the original tyres removed which I may use later as they are in very good condition considering the age.

Wheels Before:

Rims Before:                                                               Rims After:

Front Wheel Before:

Progress this week on the wheels, decided to have a go at rebuilding them, good job I took loads of pictures but still caused me a few problems along the way, especially the front one which was rather frustrating to say the least but all ended well in the end. I have cleaned up the front hub and have started on the rear one.

Front Wheel After:


The front disc has been fitted and locked in place, not forgetting the speedo drive and the cover plate Embarassed


A lot of the Alloy was pitted but good old scotchbrite and Autosol came to the rescue and I'm sure my elbow will get better eventually.

Rear Hub Before:                                                       After: 


Rear hub is next to be assembled. With spacers and bushes in place, rear sprocket is fitted and locked up.


Before i started stripping them i measured the offset, both hubs seemed to be in the middle but best to check.

Rear Wheel Before:

You take them to bits ready to clean up.


Rear Wheel After:

Both tyres now fitted correctly and ready to roll.

Finished Wheels: