Now for mounting the H1D electrics.  My KH400 was missing some of the components for the electrics, so I decided to use H1D (which is the same as H2) for parts availability.  I picked up a wiring harness, regulator, & ignition boxes for $35 on eBay.  Now the trick is to find how/where to mount them.

I made this plate to mount the ignition modules in front of the battery box.

Nice fit!  Now for the regulator/rectifier:

A poor pic but this is where the KH400 rectifier mounts on the side of battery box. (can be seen clearly
mounted at right in pic above) Note the out reaching mounting tabs.

I bent the tabs around a screwdriver to allow bolt head behind flatten out tabs.

Here is the mounted regulator/rectifier and the side cover fits over it nicely.

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