H-Series Shop Manual

This manual is offered in sections in PDF format.  It is not recommended for dial-up connections. You can open the bookmarks and navigate to specific areas within a section or click on a bold bookmark of another section to go to that section.  Keep in mind that it may take a while to load.

Section 1 (2MB) Section 3 (cont) (18MB) Section 5 (6.5MB)
H Series Shop Manual    6. Right Cover V-a. HI Electrical System
Forward    7. Clutch, Clutch Release    1. AC Generator, Rectifier
Model Images    8. Primary Gear    2. Voltage Regulator
Decimal Equivalents    9. External Gear Shift Mechanism    3. Ignition System
Conversion Tables    10. Crankcase V-b. H2 Electrical System
     11. Crankshaft    1. Rectifier & Voltage Regulator
I. Specifications    12. Transmission    2. Ignition System
Performance Curves    13. Kick Starter    3. Test Procedures
     14. Lubrication System  
Section 2 (4MB)    15. Carburetors Section 6 (1.5MB)
II. Engine: General Maintenance   VI. Troubleshooting
   1. Engine Construction      Periodic Maintenance Guide
   2. Minor Disassembly Section 4 (22MB)    Torque Table
   3. Engine Removal IV. Frame    Wiring Diagrams
   4. Engine Mounting    1. Frame  
   5. Engine Adjustments    2. Swing Arm Section 7 (6.5MB)
         Idling, Cable    3. Wheels Supplement
         Starter Lever    4. Hubs, Brakes, Sprockets    1. Engine: Detailed Maint
         Oil Pump    4a. Disc Brake        Ignition Timing Adjustment
         Clutch    5. Handlebars        Lubrication System
         Shift pedal linkage    6. Front Fork, Steering Stem    2. Frame
     7. Rear Shock Absorbers        Front Fork
Section 3 (18MB)    8. Hydraulic Steering Damper    3. Electrical System
III. Engine: Detailed Maintenance    9. Drive Chain        Ignition Circuit
   1. Air Cleaner    10. Fuel, Oil Tanks        Regulator/Rectifier
   2. Cylinder, Cylinder Head    11. Stands, Footrests        Dynamo Test
   3. Piston, Piston Pin    12. Seat        Distributor Test
   4. Piston Rings    13. Mufflers, Exhaust Pipes        CDI unit Test
   5. Engine, Left Side          Regulator Test
    Wiring Diagrams (1.5MB)
    Index (0.5MB)