1970 Model

Bodywork Tank- Raised "scallop ridges" on sides. Central petcock. Gas cap not attached to tank. Mounts to frame by two braces on the bottom front and the back mount.
Side cover- Peculiar shape, has "Mach III 500" logo.
Oil Tank- Doubles as RH side cover. Cap accessible on outside. Level check by sight tube in back. "electronic ignition" decal on right side.
Decals/Logos "Kawasaki" name and stripes in white w/black pinstripes for red model. A Peacock Gray '70 model is known to exist, same colors as '69.
"Electronic Ignition" decal has yellow and red lightning bolts.
Paint Candy Red, Peacock Grey
Seat No key latch, plain cover, has "Kawasaki" logo in white on back.
Electrical System Turn Signals- were an optional accessory.
"High cover" on distributor housing.
Ignition Most models had brown distributor rotors/caps, green colored parts were replacements.
Motor Top End  
Motor Bottom End Clutch has sheet metal pressure plate, unconventional (none down five up) shifting pattern.
Wheels/Tires/Brakes Stainless steel fenders.
Instruments Separate, mounted on plate, white numbers and black faces. Ignition switch located on side of tank.
Switches Aluminum housings. Choke is located on Rt. grip, has to be held down.
Steering Damper Friction type, fits in steering head
Cables Grey colored cables.
Miscellaneous Chrome plated chain guard.