1972 Models

S1 S2 H1 H2
Bodywork Tank- H1 tank same style as 1971 but with '72 colors. All others have a rounded "blocky" tank with decals
Side cover- Metal on H1/H2, plastic on S -series. H1 has the same as 1971 style, all others have similar "small" side covers. All have displacement decals on both sides.
Oil Tank- Internal plastic, behind right side cover. Metal external on H1
Decals/Logos Both sides of tank have parallel "racing stripes" and "Kawasaki" logo.
Paint Pearl White/Pearl Candy Red S1/S2
Pearl Candy Orange H1
Pearl Candy Blue/Pearl Candy Gold H2
Seat No key latch. Pleating on cover on seat cover has a "quilted" appearance. Sharp transition from base of seat to top of tail piece.
Electrical System Turn Signals- Thick signal lenses, mounted to lower triple clamp and rear brackets.
Ignition Points on all but H2 and H1C.  H2 has magneto CDI.
Carburetors H1/H2 have Autolube (pressure feed to bearings) S-series used Superlube.
Motor Top End First type cylinders on H2.
Motor Bottom End Clutch has aluminum pressure plate, all models. Unconventional (none down five up) shifting pattern on H series, normal (one down four up) on S-series.
Wheels/Tires/Brakes Painted steel fenders (except H1C)
Instruments Separate, with lipped sun visors and metal covers with wrinkle finish paint. Green letters and black background. S1/S2 used plastic housings and covers rather than metal, no sun visors.
Switches Aluminum housings. Choke is located on Rt. grip, has to be held down.
Steering Damper Friction type, located in steering stem.
Cables Black nylon coated.
Miscellaneous Chain guard painted black, has holes on the side, all models. Exhaust has slightly "oval" shape when viewed from behind.