Check Valves


A major concern and problem area with Triples is with oil line check valves. Defective check valves can leak causing excessive smoking or even bent rods from hydrolocking. Stuck valves can prevent cylinder oiling. The spec for crack pressure was increased from early (pre '74) valves from 2.8psi. Early check valves can easily be disassembled and cleaned.

New springs are now available along with new check balls for early check valves from members of the KTOG message board. This eliminates the need to make a test setup and reset springs for proper crack pressure.

Newly manufactured check valve springs are made from phosphor bronze averaging 4.5 to 4.7 PSIG relief pressure. These springs have the small diameter on one end to "hold the check ball". Stock outside diameter and inside diameter and stock wire size.

New Chrome Steel check balls 0.125 (stock) diameter.

Shipping to the Continental US via USPS (in protective poly tube inside a bubble wrap envelope)

To order please PM or email 12dot or
 Darth your choice.