Oil Line Installation - by 12dot

One of the things I did over the weekend was to install the set of brand new oil lines that Darth and crabbysteve have produced. These installed without any problems at all. They are on a '75 H1-F that I am rebuilding. One of the "nice" things about the design is that small little "o" ring that goes onto the line before the brass banjo fitting - it compresses to seal and will allow you to "turn" the banjo fitting until you get the right position of the line related to the banjo fitting. It allows some "flexibility" and still seals..

The first shot shows how all 3 lines fit nicely at the pump.

These 2 show the RH cylinder connection (and, Yes - I have pulled the oil pump cable back out of the way for the pic).

This shot shows the center cylinder

This shot shows the LH cyl.