Oil Line Rebuild Service


Now that we have new springs available for the check valves in our oil injection lines, I thought I would offer a service of rebuilding a set of lines.

If you have a set of lines that are "serviceable" (in other words, if the check valve can be unscrewed and taken apart) you could send them to me and I will go through them and rebuild them.

This is what I do: I first test the entire line for cracks or leaks by submersing the entire line in water and pressurizing it (with the banjo end sealed). If the nylon line itself has cracks, I will attempt to epoxy it to repair it and make it usable. Usually any cracks are at the pump end fitting.

I then unscrew the valve and inspect the little "crush washer" and the seat for the little stainless ball. I then install a new ball and a new spring and reassemble after putting a small amount of 2-stroke oil in the check valve end of the oil line. Then I slowly pressurize the line from the pump end with my Mity-Vac tester and make sure it holds a "blow-off" pressure of at least 4.5 psi. Once it does, I immediately switch and apply a  vacuum and make sure it holds a steady vacuum w/o leaking.

If it doesn't pass those 2 tests, it's usually because the ball seat is corroded or not "perfect". I then take a small "diamond ball on a stick" and use that to smooth out and clean up that valve seat and retest.

I am proposing/suggesting that anyone who wants this work done - wait until your "non-riding" season occurs and then send them to me. If you have a "spare set" - obviously send them anytime.

I'm pricing this service for our Board members at $60.00 per set of lines.

I am contemplating offering this service on eBay also as the "spring and ball" kits have been selling quite well through eBay.

If you have an interest in this -- just send me an  email: