Oil Pump Seal Kits

Oil pump seal kits are supplied by various vendors.

Contents typically include:
1 X 11060-1160 - Oil Pump Gasket
1 X 92049-1294 - Camshaft X-ring Seal
1 X 16091-001 - Lower Drive Shaft Seal
1 X 16088-002 - Upper Cap O-ring

1 X 16090-003 - Lower Cap O-ring
3 X 16090-002 - Shaft O-rings

Problem Area: Some kits are supplied with an alternative Camshaft Seal to the OEM 92049-1294. The alternative seal does not allow the camshaft to return to the idle position. It has three ribs on the outer diameter where the OEM (92049-1294) seal does not.

Early pump camshaft seals were PN 16089-001. These seals were referred to as "V" or umbrella seals.
This seal was superseded by the later 92049-1294 seal. It is referred to as an "X" type seal.
The OEM 92049-1294 seal is an available part thru Kawasaki.
Any 5.5 I/D x 2.0 cross section "O" ring will work.

The photos below show the differences in the camshaft seals... older "V" vs. problem alternative kit seal and then the OEM "X" seal.


Also be aware that the pump housing can wear where the seal rides so even a new seal may not cure a leak.