The Kawasaki Superlube system is used in this motorcycle. This system eliminates the necessity of the owner himself mixing in oil with the gasoline, so use only non-leaded gasoline in the fuel tank.
Engine Oil
  Do not use ordinary motor oil,  transmission oil, or an inferior grade of oil as a replacement for the proper oil. The use of improper oil will lead to engine trouble.
Adding oil
  On the side of the oil tank there is a window for checking the oil level. 1.0 liter (1.06 US qt) of oil should be added when the level drops to the center of this window. Since mixing different brands of oil deteriorates the lubricative properties of the oil, always add oil only of the same brand as that already in the tank.
CAUTION: Never let the oil tank run completely dry.
Transmission Oil
1) Oil Level
  Check the oil level with the dipstick on the filler hole plug. Remove the dipstick, and wipe off any oil on the end. Position the vehicle off its side stand so that it is standing hilly perpendicular to the ground, insert the dipstick screwing it all the way in, and then remove it.The oil level should come to between the upper and lower dipstick marks.
2) Oil Change
  After the first 800 km (500 mi) oil change, change the oil every 5,000 km (3,000 ml).
To change the oil:
Warm up the engine thoroughly so that the oil will pick up any sediment and drain easily.
Stop the engine, and remove the drain plug.
Replace the plug and fill the transmission with 1.1 liter (1.2 US qt) of motor oil.