Horn Button
  The horn is operated with the horn button located on the left side of the handlebar.
  If the horn does not operate properly, check that the battery is good, and that the horn is mounted securely with nothing touching it. If the horn itself is at fault, it should be adjusted, repaired or replaced immediately.
Horn and Passing Button
(European model)
  The right side position of the horn and passing button is spring loaded, and can be used to turn on the passing beam whether the headlight is turned on or not.
  By pushing the horn and passing button to PASS the headlight high beam (passing beam) comes on to signal the driver of the vehicle ahead that you are about to pass him. The passing light shuts off as soon as the button is released.
Engine Stop Switch
  In addition to the ignition switch, the engine stop switch must be in the RUN position for the motorcycle to operate.
  The engine stop switch is for emergency use. If the throttle sticks, or if some other emergency requires stopping the engine suddenly, flick the engine stop switch to either of the OFF positions. Note: Although the engine stop switch stops the engine, it does not turn off all the electrical circuits. Ordinarily, the ignition switch should be used to stop the engine.
Choke Lever
  The choke lever on the left side of the handlebar provides a rich mixture when the engine is cold.
  Keep it pushed in until the engine is warm and then release it.
  The motorcycle is equipped with two stands, a center stand and a side stand.
  Whenever the side stand is used, make it a firm practice to kick the stand fully up before sitting on the motorcycle. Forgetting and leaving the side stand down while riding could cause an accident.
  To set the motorcycle up on the center stand, step down firmly on the stand and then lift the motorcycle up and to the rear using the chrome bar as a handhold. Don't pull up on the seat to lift it as this will only damage the seat.
Fuel Tank Cap
  To open the fuel tank cap, push the cap down, pull up on the catch, and release the cap. To avoid damaging the cap when closing it, first lift up the catch, then push the cap down, release the catch, and last release the cap.
Fuel Tap
  The fuel tap has three positions, OFF, ON and RES (reserve), If the fuel runs out with the tap in the ON position, the last 2.0 liters ( US gal) of fuel can be used by turning the tap to RES (reserve).
Note: Since riding distance is limited when on RES (reserve), refuel at the earliest opportunity.