Steering Lock
  The steering can be locked when the motorcycle is parked.
To lock the steering:
1. Turn the handlebar to the right.
2. Insert the key.
3. Turn the key to the left.
4. Push the key in, and turn it to the right.
5. Pull the key out
Seat Lock
  The seat can be unlocked using the ignition key, and then swung open for checking the wiring, adding oil, securing a helmet to the motorcycle, or gaining access to the tools.
  Pushing the seat back into place locks it.
Helmet Hooks
  The rider's helmets can be secured to the motorcycle using the helmet hooks located under the seat.
Document Container
  A receptacle for the owner's manual and any papers or documents that should be kept with the motorcycle, is provided on the bottom of the seat.
Spare Fuses
  Spare fuses are located behind the left side cover. If the fuse blows during motorcycle operation, inspect the electrical system to determine the cause, and then replace the fuse.
Note: Do not use any substitute (larger or smaller) for the standard 20A fuse.
Tool Kit
The tool kit is located in the tool compartment above the rear fender. The minor adjustments and replacement of parts explained in this manual can be made with these tools.
1. Socket 10mm
2. Spark Plug Wrench
17 x 21 mm
3. Pliers
4. Axle Wrench 27 mm
5. Open End Wrench
19x 22mm
6. Open End Wrench
14 x 17mm
7. Open End Wrench
12x 13mm
8. Open End Wrench
8x 10mm
9. Tool Case
10. Screwdriver Grip
11. Phillips Bit
12. Phillips and Slot         Combination Bit
13. Lever
14. Axle Wrench Extender
15. Hook Spanne