Speedometer and Tachometer
  The speedometer shows the speed of the vehicle. In the lower part of the speedometer face is the trip meter, which shows the distance traveled since it was last reset to zero. The trip meter can be reset to zero by turning the reset knob counterclockwise. In the upper part of the speedometer face is the odometer. The odometer shows the total distance that the vehicle has been ridden.
  The tachometer shows the engine speed in revolutions per minute (rpm). On the right side of the tachometer face is a portion called the "red zone". Engine rpm in the red zone is above maximum recommended engine speed and is also above the range for good performance. Engine rpm should not be allowed to enter the red zone, as this will over-stress the engine and may cause serious engine damage.
  With this motorcycle the same key is used for the ignition switch, the steering lock, and the seat lock.
Ignition Switch
  This is a key-operated switch with 3 positions. The key can be removed from the switch when it is in the OFF or PARK position.
OFF    Engine off. All electrical circuits
          off. Key can be removed.
          Engine on. All electrical equipment
     can be used. Head and tail lights on.
           Key cannot be removed.
          Engine off. Tail light on. All other
electrical circuits cut off. Key can
           be removed.
Indicator Lights
  The switch panel has three indicator lights
NEUTRAL   When the gears are in neutral, the
green indicator light is lit.
HIGH          When the headlight is on high beam,
the blue indicator light is lit.
When the turn signal switch is  turn
TURN         on, the orange indicator light
                    flashes on and of
Turn Signal Switch
The turn signals are operated by the turn signal switch located on the left side of the handlebar.
When the switch is operated, the turn signal indicator light flashes on and off together with the turn signals.
Headlight Switch
The headlight switch has two positions: OFF and ON on US model, and has three positions: OFF, PO and ON on European model.
OFF The headlight is off with the switch
         in the
OFF position.
       The city light and the tail light come  on if the PO   switch is pushed to the PO position with the
        ignition switch in  the
ON position.
       The headlight and the tail light come on if the ON   switch is pushed forward to the ON position
         with the ignition switch in the
ON position.
Dimmer Switch
  High or low beam can be selected with the dimmer switch. When the headlight is on high beam, a blue indicator light in the switch panel lights.