Drive Chain Inspection and Adjustment
  The drive chain must be kept properly adjusted for safety and to prevent excessive wear. If the chain becomes badly worn or maladjusted ? either too loose or too tight ? the chain could jump off the sprockets or break. A jumped or broken chain could snag on the engine sprocket or lock the rear wheel, severely damaging the motorcycle and causing it to go out of control.
  With the motorcycle resting on the center stand, the chain should have about a 2O~25 mm (~1 in) slack measured midway between the sprockets. Rotate the rear wheel around to find the place where the chain is tightest (because it wears unevenly), and, if there is less than a 15 mm (5/8 in) or more than a 30 mm (1 in) slack, the chain should be re-adjusted.
  In addition to checking the slack, rotate the rear wheel to inspect the drive chain and sprockets for damaged rollers, loose pins, uneven or excessive wear, rusted pins and links, unevenly or excessively worn teeth, and damaged teeth.
  If there is damage or excessive wear, have the drive chain and/or the sprockets replaced by an authorized Kawasaki Dealer.
  Loosen the torque link nut and both chain adjuster lock nuts.
  Remove the cotter pin and loosen the rear axle nut.
  Turn in the left and right chain adjuster bolts evenly until the drive chain has the correct amount of slack. To keep the chain and wheel aligned, the notch on the left chain adjuster should come to the same swing arm mark that the right chain adjuster notch comes to.
  Tighten the axle and torque link nuts, and replace the cotter pin.
  Tighten the chain adjuster lock nuts.
  Check the rear brake adjustment.
  Check the rear brake light switch adjustment.
Chain Replacement
Check chain wear by first stretching the chain tight (adjust it taut or hang a 10kg (20lb) weight on it) and then measure the length of 20 links. If the distance from the center of the 1st pin to the center of the 21st pin is more than 323 mm (12.7 in), the chain should be replaced.
WARNING: For safety, use only the standard chain (Enuma EK53OSH-G, 104 links) and have it installed by a Kawasaki Dealer.
Drive Chain Lubrication
To minimize chain wear, the drive chain should be lubricated at least every 300 km (200 mi), after riding in rain, and after washing the vehicle. Lubricate the chain by applying chain lube or SAE 90 gear oil to the sides of the rollers and between the links so that the oil will penetrate to the pins and bushings. Wipe off excess oil. If the chain is dirty, clean the chain using a brush and solvent before chain lubrication.