1)Preparation for washing
  Before washing, precautions must be taken to keep water off the following parts:
  Rear opening of the mufflers - Cover with plastic bags secured with rubber bands.
  Clutch and brake levers, handgrips?Cover with plastic bags.
  lgnition switch - Cover the keyhole with tape.
  Air cleaner intake - Close up the openings with tape, or stuff in rags.
2)Where to be careful
  Avoid spraying water with any great force near the following places:
  Speedometer and tachometer
  Rear hub
  If water gets inside the rear hub, the rear brake will not function until it dries out.
  Under the fuel tank and the seat
  If water gets into the ignition coils or into a spark plug cap, the spark will jump through the water and be
  grounded out. When this happens, the motorcycle will not start and the affected parts must be wiped dry.
3)After washing
  Remove the plastic bags, and clear the air cleaner intakes.
  Test the brakes before motorcycle operation.
  Lubricate the chain immediately to keep it from rusting.
  In order to get maximum length of use from all parts and to keep the motorcycle running safely, it must be kept properly lubricated.
  Using SAE 30 motor oil, lubricate the points indicated whenever they are dry, after riding through rain, or after washing the motorcycle. Grease the places indicated with regular cup grease at least 6 months or 3,000 km (2,000 mi).
  After several thousand kilometers of service, in addition to the points shown here, other parts should be inspected and lubricated by a Kawasaki Dealer.
Bolt and Nut Tightening
  Every day before riding, check without fail the tightness of the bolts and nuts listed here. Also, check to see that each cotter pin is in place and in good condition.
1. Front Axle Nut
2. Spoke
3. Front Fender Mounting Bolts
4. Engine Mounting Bolts
5. Shift Pedal Bolt
6. Pivot Shaft Nut
7. Muffler Mounting Bolt
8. Rear Shock Absorber Bolts and Nuts
9. Rear Axle Nut
10. Stem Clamp Bolt
11. Stem Head Bolt
12. Clutch Lever Holder Bolt
13. Kick Starter Pedal Bolt
14. Front Axle Clamp Nut
15. Front Brake Lever Holder Bolt
16. Cotter Pin (Brake Rod)
17. Circlip (Brake Pedal)
18. Cotter Pin (Footrest)
19. Cotter Pins (Torque Link)
20. Cotter Pin (Center Stand)