Headlight Beam Adjustment
  Adjust the beam horizontally by turning the adjusting screw (not on the European model).
  To adjust the beam vertically, remove both screws from the side of the headlight, loosen the mounting nuts, and move the headlight to the position desired.
Throttle Grip Play Adjustment
Check that the throttle grip has 2~3mm (1/16~1/8 in) of play and turns smoothly.
If there is too much or too little play, adjust it with the adjusting nut and tighten the lock nut.
Note: With the engine idling, turn the handlebar to either side. If handlebar movement changes idle speed, the throttle, carburetor or oil pump cables may be damaged, or the routing of the cables may be unsatisfactory.
Front Fork Inspection and Maintenance
Pushing down on the handlebar with the front brake fully applied, check that the front fork functions properly. Check the dust seal for damage, and look for any signs of oil leakage.
In case of improperly functioning shock absorbers, dust seal damage, or oil leakage, see your authorized Kawasaki Dealer.
Dirt or sand that has worked its way past a dust seal will eventually damage the oil seal causing oil leakage. Periodically, slide up the dust seals and clean out any dirt or sand. Be careful not to damage either the oil seal or the inner tube surface.
Since the front fork oil deteriorates with use, have the oil in both tubes changed every 10,000 km (6,000 mi) by your authorized Kawasaki Dealer.
Rear Shock Absorber Inspection and Adjustment
  Since the rear shock absorbers are sealed units and can not be disassembled, only external checks of operation are necessary.
  Check that the rear shock absorbers function properly and that there is no oil leakage or bushing damage, and make sure that the mountings are tight.
  In case any irregularity is found during inspection, see your authorized Kawasaki Dealer.
The rear shock absorbers have 3 positions so that the shock absorbers can be adjusted for different road and loading conditions.  If the spring action feels too soft or too stiff, adjust it in accordance with the table.
Note: Always adjust both shock absorbers to the same position.