Wheel Inspection
Wheel Balance
An unbalanced wheel will cause the vehicle to vibrate or the steering to wobble, especially at high speeds. Since wheel balance greatly affects motorcycle safety, have the wheels inspected by a Kawasaki Dealer whenever abnormal handling is experienced during riding. Also, have the wheel balance inspected whenever a new tire is mounted.
Spokes and Rim
Spoke tightness should be inspected periodically.
  The axial rim runout should be under 3 mm (0.12 in), and the radial rim runout should be under 2 mm (0.08 in). A certain amount of runout (warp) can be corrected by re-centering the rim, i.e. by loosening some spokes and tightening others to change the positions of different parts of the rim. If the rim is badly warped however, it should be replaced.
Note:  If there is any doubt, ask your authorized Kawasaki Dealer to inspect and adjust the rim, tires and tube.
Tires and Tube
  Abnormally high or low tire air pressure has a bad effect on stability and handling, and shortens tire life. Use an accurate tire pressure gauge often to measure the tire pressure.
  Increase tire pressure as shown here when carrying a passenger or for riding at continuous high speed.
  Replace any tire that has worn down to the minimum allowable tread depth.
  In the event of a flat tire resulting from a punctured tube, replace the tube only with a Kawasaki replacement tube. Repair of the tube is not recommended, but if undertaken, it must be done with extreme care to prevent a subsequent flat tire and possible loss of control.
                                                 S1C                                             S3A
                                   Front                   Rear                  Front                   Rear

Make                      YOKOHAMA       YOKOHAMA       YOKOHAMA       YOKOHAMA
Type                            Y506                  Y622                  Y982                  Y985
Size                      3.00S-18 4PR     3.25S-18 4PR     3.00S-18 4PR     3.50S-18 4PR
Air Pressure            1.7 kg/cm            2.2 kg/cm           1.7 kg/cm            2.2 kg/cm
(cold)                         (24 psi)               (31 psi)               (24 psi)              (31 psi)
Minimum                      1 mm                  2 mm                   1 mm                 2 mm
Tread Depth             (0.04 in)             (0.08 in)               (0.04 in)            (0.08 in)