Cutaways & S Series Pipe Comparison

From Soupdragon1957:

  Finally got round to opening up an old stock S3 pipe from a 1975 model. I was thinking based on what I've been led to believe that there were internal differences between the S3 & KH pipes. I think the opinion was that the KH was more restricted with additional baffles conspiring along with the airbox to reduce the HP from 42 (S3) to 38 (KH). Well I have to report that pipe wise there is no difference, same # of baffles, same reverse cone length, identical, in fact.. the black lines on the pipes show the position of the internal baffle plates.  However, I did manage to find something different, namely the length of the "stinger", the removable portion of the baffle. The 75' S3 stinger is about 1 inch shorter than the 76' KH, other than that they are the same.  Three block off plates in the S3 and KH400 are in the same relative position in each pipe, reverse cones are identical. Also both S3 and KH pipes are lined with a perforated "mesh".





Baffle Comparison



Early H1

Late H1


S1/S2 Downpipes