Early H1 '69-'72
Uses 3 extra steel plates (one slightly smaller in diameter) than the later clutch.
The current parts manuals are somewhat difficult to follow relating to the extra steel plates.
The additional plates are installed in the following locations:
First on the early hub: pn 13090-011 (reduced outside diameter steel)
Second on the hub: pn 13089-013 (standard steel plate that all H1's use.
The buildup continues as normal with a friction plate followed by a wavy ring, etc.
The final (third) additional steel plate (another 13089-013) is installed at the end of the assembly under the early steel
"plate-clutch spring"

(no alignment marks)


Late H1 '72-'76
Alignment marks for plate/basket.

Alignment marks for plate/basket.



S3/KH vs S1/S2

A common upgrade to S1/S2 is to use an S3/KH400 clutch basket with additional plates. It must be noted that the thickness of the crankshaft pinion gear is different on the S3. S3/KH400 is 12mm thick compared to 15mm on others.


S Series
Alignment marks for plate/basket.