Meter ID
Meter Faces only

Note: #3894 automotive bulb is replacement indicator bulb

H1/A/C - "Kawasaki" - no visors H1/A H1B - lights reversed - visors - see note
H1D - "H1" at bottom H1E - no "H1" - "mph"
H1F/KH500 - speedo in 10's - "MPH"  
H2 - see note H2A
H2B H2C - speedo in 10's
S1/S2 - see note S1A/S2A - lower case "mph" & "rpm"
S1B/S3 S1C/S3A/KH250/KH400 - speedo in 10's

     Note: Stop Lamp on H Series meters functions as follows:
    - Light should be on only when either or both brakes are applied
    - A flashing light indicates a failure of brake light or circuitry
    - If light does not come on with brake applied, the indicator bulb or brake light detection circuitry has failed