Oil Seals

S Series    



Note that the push rod seal that comes with most H Series kits will not
work without modification when used with ball bearing clutch release.

Part# Ref# Where Used Model
92049-002 SB16244 Eng Cover all except H2
92049-004 SB12205 Eng Cover H series
92049-004 SB12205 Crankcase all
92049-008 TB15256 Eng Cover H1/A/C
92049-012 SB20285 Eng Cover H2 all
92049-1057 BJN30427-C3 Fnt Hub KH400 KH500
92050-017 WOC556787 Fnt Hub S1 all  S2
92050-023 TC326210 Crankshaft S1 S2/A
92050-024 SC325210 Transmission all
92050-025 SC7317 / NOK AC0094E Clutch H series
92050-040 TC7297 Clutch S series
92050-046 VC54656 Fnt Hub H series w/hyd brk
92050-051 TC255210 Crankshaft all except H2
92050-053 TCY306210 / NOKAE1748J Crankshaft H2 all
92050-054 TCY36729 / NOK AE2180F Crankshaft H2 all