Triple Parts Manuals

Please note that later manuals may not show original, superceded part numbers. Most of these manuals are copies of original manuals and they may and do contain some errors. I have created a spreadsheet that reflects corrections to some of the erroneous parts listings .

Note:  These manuals are in PDF format and are best suited for viewing or download with broadband connection due to the size of the files.

H1 Model Comparison  (1.7M)  
H2B/C Differences  
Model Comparison (by series)  
H1, KH  (3.9M)  
H1/A  (2.1M)  
H1-'69 Euro Supplement (708K)  
H1-'69 Euro Supplement II (118K)  
H1B  (8.1M)  
H1B Euro Supplement (339K)  
H1C  (12.3M)  
H1D/E/F  KH (1.4M)  
H1D Euro (2.1M)  
H1E  (26.3M)  
H1F Euro (3.6M)  
KH500  (6.5M)  
KH500 Euro  (7.0M)  
H2/A/B/C  incl Euro (10.0M)  
H2  (3.4M)  
H2B  (5.0M)  
H2B Euro Supplement  (0.6M)  
H2C Euro Supplement  (1.0M)  
H2R  (6.9M)  
S1, KH  (1.6M)  
S1 Supplement  (8.0M)  
S2  (13.6M)  
S2 Euro Supplement  (9.0M)  
S2/A  (1.7M)  
S2A Euro Supplement  (2.0M)  
S3/A  (1.3M)  
KH400  (5.4M)  
KH400A3 Euro  (49.4M)  
KH400A4 Euro Supplement  (15.4M)  
A1  (7.5M)