Left my bike alone after The Race and Norwegian rally and waited for a 'hot' day and dyno my bike again. Unfortunately, it doesn't get as hot over here as it does in Norway ( Shocked ) so had to settle for a hottisch 23°C today. 
The yellow and blue graphs are from today, the white one is from Earlier this year.... February I think it was: 

Due to the filthy rich main jet WOT is not possible below 5K, which is what Jørgen noticed also  Wink 
The clutch slip on the first run today (blue line) at 5.5 K is also clear, just like the rumble below 5 K and on topend. 
On the 2nd run I opened the slides gradually till 5.5K which gave a smoother line but slightly lower power in lower area's. 
The white line, generated in Feb at 8°C made the overrich situation between 4-5K less obvious both below 5K as well as past 8K. 
Max torque is 112 Nm @ 6700 RPM. 
All for reference. 

Tune details: 
Nev pipes, SSO billet heads, TMX38 flatslides (Nev bored to 39.5), 1 mm cylinder lift, 1 mm raised ex port, cleaned up transfers and inlet, length inlet +15 mm for better lowend. A rather simple tune realy. Engine has been together for 7 years now. Standard cast iron liners (72 mm bore) are nikasilled meaning they will not wear. Think to remember stock Kaw pistons are in there. Ignition is HPI with fixed curve. Timing not fine tuned yet, neither is carb-setting. 
Overrich mixture allows running WOT for prolonged periods of time without overheating (trackuse).