Stock H2 vs Mild Port w/38mm Carb

A bone Stock 72 H2 square cut cylinders, with snorkel, vs the old set-up I had 1,5 years ago using 38 carbs and same stock pipes.
-Both had Stock heads.
-Cylinders w/38s had ports raised 1.5mm

-No air filters on the tuned one, so you might subtract 2-3 hp.
This set-up had 1mm MORE than Stock inlet duration. 

Big carbs are essential for making great Power. And No: You DO NOT destroy Your low end on a piston port by using 38's, as long as you do the right things.
The dyno sheet shows the true behaviour of the ported, piston port, big carbed H2.
Some of the reason behind this is the less inlet duration that I have. The old myth about making inlet duration sky high for getting great Power in powerband is long as you use the tiny 30's or even 34 carbs.
With a well tuned 38 carb set-up, you DO NOT need increasing inlet duration getting the Power you want.