Stock H2 vs Mild Port w/TMX39mm Carb
and 100mm Intake Runner

-Both had Stock heads.
-Cylinders w/39s had ports raised 1.5mm
-Denco pipes
-100mm Intake runners between filters & carb

Now it is tuned in, and the power below powerband is very nice. I have also made the silicone tubes to fit with the largest (70mm) Ramair filters. (silicone tube is about 100mm long) Turned out nice, and it really works.

Below is the dyno sheet. I did an overlay with 2 stock 72 square cut H2's. One of them with air silencer installed (red) the other without (blue) As you can see, the ported TMX 39mm set-up is almost as strong as a bone stock H2 at low/midrange. Green is the bike with the modified Denco replica pipes. 

Low/midrange is STRONGER than a stock H2 set of cylinders using 34's with Denco pipes. 

And here is the torque curve: