Starfire Ignition Systems
Early H1 Ignition Kit

Taylorville, Westland, NZ

The Starfire Early H1 ignition upgrade kit is now available. The kit comprises a new Hall effect sensor and bracket assembly designed to simply bolt on to the existing pickup adjustment holes, a 3 segment rotor that bolts in place of the old magnetic rotor, and the new CDI box. All wiring  and connectors are furnished with the kit. The kit will replace ALL old componentry and results in a smooth and reliable running bike in one hit.

The Starfire Early H1 Ignition Kit replaces the troublesome components in the aging H1/A/C ignition system.

CDI Unit to replace A & B ignition boxes
and stator coil.  It is  2 3/4 inches long, 2 inches wide,
2 1/2 inches high, 80 mm between mounting holes.




Hall Effect pickup with rotor and mounting bracket
equiped with LED timing light





    Starfire Distributor Cap







Ignition Mini Coil