Q How do I choose the correct Starfire CDI for my bike?

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Q I have a Kawasaki H1 with distributor and the B box is faulty, can you help? I just want the bike to run.

A Starfire can supply a direct wire in replacement for your old unit and it replaces both the old A/B units.
You need to order the Starfire ZX/1 MK2 CDI.

Q My Kawasaki model KH400 is very hard to start. Do I need a new CDI?

A Normally, the starting problems here are related to the magneto coil being below spec. Starfire can supply a High Voltage Unit designed to overcome this problem and  be a permanent solution. You need to order the Starfire HVU. This box will supply the juice needed by your existing CDI unit, and is cheaper and easier to fit than repairing the faulty coil.

Q I have a points model A7 Avenger. Can this be updated with a better ignition system?

A Yes. You do have this option. You can retain the existing points, and convert the bike to CDI ignition. Here you will need to order the Starfire ZX/2 Mk2 AND the Points Interface Unit (PIU). Your bike will have 90 percent of the
benefits of CDI.

Q Will this iggy fit my Suzuki T500?

A Yes they will. The units will give longer service life of the existing points, and reduce the current drain of the battery and charging system. As above, you will need to order the Starfire ZX/2 Mk2, and the PIU unit.

Q I have just rebuilt a KH400, and it has no ignition unit at all. I need one to get the bike finished. What can you offer?

A Starfire can supply the whole system for your bike. You need to order the ZX/3 Mk2. The benefits of this unit is that it does not require the magneto coil to be functional, and solves a common reliability problem with this model bike.

Q Can your H1 unit be fitted inside a stock Kawasaki housing? I want the bike to look like it did in 1969 with all original parts. I woudn't be happy with a non standard unit.

A No. The Starfire ZX MK2 series are not designed to do this. They are a cost effective after market replacement only. However, Starfire can now rebuild your original units to a very high standard.

Q Hello. I have a H2 drag racing bike. Do you have a simple answer to our ignition problems?

A Believe I do!! The Starfire ZX/3 Mk2 could very well be what you are looking for. These models will run for over 1 hour on a small AA rechargeable battery pack, and work with the existing pickup and ignition coils. The wiring is very simple, and these units will rev well over 15000 rpms.

Q I have fitted your unit to my h1A and the left cylinder still gets hotter than the others. Is your unit faulty, and should I send it back?

A Uneven cylinder temperatures are not related to a faulty ignition module! If the left cylinder is hot, it means that it is firing correctly. You need to look for other problems, mixture and timing for instance.

Q I fitted your unit and the bike still wont go. Could it be something else?

A ??????????

Q Do you make replacement CDIs for other bikes?

A Yes, the same three  ZX mk2 models will cover many other make of bike, from singles, twins, triples and 4 cylinder, whether 2 or 4 stroke. These will also work on many models of outboard motor, snowmobiles, even
cars from 4 to 6 cylinder. CDI units are not recommended for 8 cylinder engines.

Q Will I be able to upgrade my S2? What difference will it make and Would it be worth the trouble?

A The main advantages with improving the original system is the reduced current requirements from the battery.
When running, the standard system draws approx 30/40 watts. That's a lot of power. The Starfire CDI uses just 12 watts. The stress on the ignition circuit is lessened dramatically and the points will last very much longer. The timing settings will also remain set for longer, increasing long term performance, reducing maintenance.

Q  Why don't you fit connectors to the boxes? If you did, they would be easier for us to fit?

A Would love to!! BUT, the Starfire units are designed to be a universal replacement as much as possible to as many bikes as possible. This allows the "one fits all" approach, increases standardization, reduces costs to the purchaser. The difference between wiring looms and mounting positions makes this an impossible ask. The fitting instructions cover each and every model of bike separately, are very simple, and comprehensive. I also run a very quick and mostly helpful email "hotline" to cover any questions, and the resource page is updated regularly.

Q Why did Kawasaki have so many designs? How is it that yours all fit in the same box?

A I guess it was the 70s, and it was done differently back then. The ignition modules and electrics  were mostly made by other manufacturers like Nippon Denso, and Mitsubishi. This approach does allow the  faulty unit to be replaced separately, an important consideration as they were no doubt then very expensive. Now, in the age of much better and cheaper components, much improved reliability, this is not the issue it used to be.

Q Are your units guaranteed, and for how long?

A  No, and Yes . All  units are bench tested before shipment, and are guaranteed not to be dead on arrival. If the units are connected per the instructions, the other parts of the bike in good serviceable condition, they will work as designed. I can not guarantee they will fix mixture problems, flat tyres, worn out seals or other issues the bike may have. If the unit expires through no fault of the owner, I have a very flexible replacement/refund policy, and will generally give the benefit of doubt to the customer. Other issues come into play here. Some bikes do have battery/regulator/charging issues which can spike, or overvolt the CDI unit... generally responsible for the demise of the previous one! There are intermittent and faulty ignition coils that can also damage the CDI. Then there is poor installation, and simple failure to follow instructions. I do try very hard to be fair.

Q Are your CDIs better than the Boyer Bransdon?

A I have no hands on experience with any other systems, so I can only comment on the anecdotal info from other users. The BB system appears to be a TAI (transistor assisted ignition) and not a true CDI. This switches the current when triggered by the pickups, the current drain being similar to the original point system without the burning and pitting. I also appears the BB  system fires the three special ignition coils at once, this potentially using upwards of THREE times the original current. The pickups are also in a fixed relationship to the crankshaft, being simply glued to the replacement fibreglass stator plate. The Starfire units use less than 12 watts at normal road speeds, fire each cylinder separately as Kawasaki intended, and is a true CDI system that reduces the stress and continues to use the original ignition coils. As all units are simply required to provide a spark, the net engine performance of both is likely very similar.