The Starfire CDI will draw only 12 watts (1 amp) from the battery, allowing the capacity to use a brighter headlamp.  The Starfire unit will convert the CB750 ignition system to a true CDI, rather than the original  and more power hungry Transistor Assisted Ignition, (TAI). 

ZX Mark 2 -2 CDI fitting instructions for HONDA CB750F DOHC 

1) Disconnect the 2 x 5 pin Molex style connectors from the two "spark units" and remove the spark units. Mount the STARFIRE CDI 

2) Disconnect battery 

3)  Connect 2 x BLACK  wires to the BLUE and YELLOW wires, one in each connector (pulse coil common ground), and ground these securely. 

4) Connect the CDI ORANGE wire to the YELLOW wire in one connector (ignition coil active) 

5) Connect the CDI BLUE wire to the BLUE/YELLOW dot wire in the other connector (ignition coil active) 

6) Connect the BROWN CDI wire to the BLACK/WHITE wire in one connector (12 volt ignition supply) 

7) Connect the  BLACK CDI wire to a firm ground. 

8) Connect the CDI PURPLE wire to the BLUE/WHITE dot in one connector, (pulse coil) 

9) Connect the CDI YELLOW wire to the YELLOW/WHITE dot in the other connector (pulse coil) 

10) DOUBLE CHECK these connections. 

The bike will now run. 

Note:  The GREY wire is used to disable the ZX MK2 unit. This wire is taken to ground through the kill, or engine stop switch. This wire can also be used with a hidden switch as an anti theft, or used with an external rev limiting RPM counter. Current through this wire is approx 12 milliamps. If not used, this wire can be cut and ignored. IMPORTANT: If the ignition key is left on with the kill switch enabled, the CDI will be in standby mode and  still consuming battery power.
 Click for Wiring Diagram