Step by step fitting instructions for the STARFIRE ZX MARK2 -1 replacement CDI unit for early H1 models.

1) Disconnect Battery

2) Remove fuel tank, remove perforated cover over electrics.

3) Remove existing A and B units from bike. You can sell these on ebay as going units..... New Zealanders will buy them!

4) Temporarily place the Starfire CDI unit on the flat plate between the oil tank and battery cover, the 4 wires exiting toward the front.

5) Identify the ignition coil primary terminals... these are the two screw terminals on the coil body.

Make a note of the colours and identify these same wires where they exit under the seat.

6) Connect the + (positive) terminal of the coil (light blue originally) wire from the wiring harness to the ORANGE wire on the CDI unit. A FEMALE bullet connector will be required with plastic cover.

7) Connect the second - (negative) terminal ignition coil wire from the harness (originally black/yellow) to a good ground, using a female bullet connector, a short length of wire to an eyelet terminal.

8) Identify the black plastic double connector in the harness snaking down to the left side alternator cover of the engine. This wire , usually YELLOW, has a woven braid outer covering.

9) The YELLOW wire from the CDI unit connects to the YELLOW wire of the black plastic connector, using a FEMALE bullet connector and plastic sleeve.

10) Take a short length of wire, and on one end fit a male bullet connector, the other an eyelet terminal. This is used to ground the braided wire in this same double connector.

11) Fit an eyelet terminal to the  BLACK wire from the CDI unit, and ground this securely under a bolt formerly used to hold down the original ignition box.

12) Identify the BROWN wire and female connector from the 12 volt ignition circuit.

13) Fit a MALE bullet connector to the BROWN  wire from the CDI unit and connect this to the BROWN ignition wire in the harness.


14) Refit tank, refit battery.

15) Switch on ignition, a very quiet buzz will be heard from the CDI unit.... you may need to put your ear to it to hear anything.

16) Start bike.

17) If all is well, fasten the CDI unit down with a square or two of double sided tape.

18) Tidy up the wiring, tucking it neatly away. 

The bike should feel crisp and responsive and rev fully, well beyond the redline.

 DO NOT TRIGGER UNIT WITH SPARKPLUGS NOT CONNECTED. This will damage the coil, distributor cap or both.

Note:  The GREY wire is used to disable the ZX MK2 unit. This wire is taken to ground through the kill, or engine stop switch. This wire can also be used with a hidden switch as an anti theft, or used with an external rev limiting RPM counter. Current through this wire is approx 12 milliamps. If not used, this wire can be cut and ignored. IMPORTANT: If the ignition key is left on with the kill switch enabled, the CDI will be in standby mode and  still consuming battery power.

Click for Wiring Diagram

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