ZX CDI Mark2 -3 Fitting instructions for the SUZUKI GT380  (Points Interface Unit required)

1) Disconnect battery and mount the CDI. 

2) Identify the  ignition coil primary leads, these terminate in a 6 pin Molex type connector. Disconnect the connector and route the harness end toward the CDI. 

3) Connect three  BLACK wires  to the three ORANGE wires in the coil end connector. (IGNITION COILS COMMON) and ground these securely to the frame. 

4) Connect the ORANGE wire from the CDI to the BLACK on the coil (ignition coil right) 

5) Connect the BLUE wire from the CDI to WHITE on the coil (ignition coil left) 

6) Connect the CDI DARK GREEN wire to the YELLOW/BLACK (ignition coil center) 

7) Connect the CDI BROWN wire to the ORANGE in the harness end of connector as in step 2 

8) Mount the Points Interface Unit where it can easily be seen when adjusting the timing. 


10) Identify the three wires coming up from the point assemblies in the magneto, these are the BLACK, BLACK/YELLOW and WHITE as in step 2 

11)  Connect the PIU ORANGE wire to the BLACK in harness as in step 2 (points right) 

12] Connect the PIU BLUE wire to the WHITE wire in harness (points left) 

13) Connect the PIU BROWN wire to the YELLOW/BLACK wire in harness (points center) 

14) connect the PIU BLACK wire to a firm ground 

15) Connect the  CDI BLACK wire from the CDI to a firm ground 

16) connect the PIU RED wire to the ORANGE connector as in step 2 

The bike will now run. 

Note:  The GREY wire is used to disable the ZX MK2 unit. This wire is taken to ground through the kill, or engine stop switch. This wire can also be used with a hidden switch as an anti theft, or used with an external rev limiting RPM counter. Current through this wire is approx 12 milliamps. If not used, this wire can be cut and ignored. IMPORTANT: If the ignition key is left on with the kill switch enabled, the CDI will be in standby mode and  still consuming battery power.

Click for Wiring Diagram