Points Interface Unit


The Starfire Point Interface Unit is required to use the Starfire ZX Mark2 CDI unit with any bike using points (contact breakers) for triggering.  Priced at $25USD

The unit incorporates three small LEDs, Red, Orange and Green, to help with the easy setting of the initial timing. These correspond to the RIGHT, CENTER and LEFT cylinders, and will be ON when the points set for that cylinder is open, and off when closed. The points gap or "dwell" is no longer important for correct ignition performance, allowing the gap to be set very much closer to help prevent "flutter" at high RPMs. These are adjusted by moving each contact set back or forwards to retard or advance the static timing. This is normally done by measuring the distance of the piston before top dead center, and moving the points position until the corresponding LED comes on. The ignition must be on to do this.

These units will be shipped with the CDI unit if requested. The original condensers fitted to the points can  be removed.  Sparkplug gap may need to be increased for improved CDI operation.
When doing any adjustments to the ignition, it is important to always have the spark plugs connected to prevent ignition coil damage.