Starfire Shift Light




The adjustment knob will set the device from 4500 rpm to 12000 rpm or any place in between. This one is designed for ANY THREE COIL TRIPLE, whether points or pickup coils, as it reads the pulses for one cylinder only. This means it will work on the Suzuki's, twins,singles, triples, Yamaha's, even a 4 stroke!! A slightly different model is required for single coil bikes with distributor.
I haven't included the rev limiter in this one... this will need to wait until i have access to a bike to test it. Price around the $30 and $4 post..... if there is a lot of interest/orders, they will become cheaper!!
Simple to fit.... attach to handlebars, velcro, tape, magic, and 3 wires to bike, power/ground, and points/trigger coil.
Another real handy use for this I found as i rumbled down the road during testing.... it can be set at the speed limit.....go over, flash of the blue light, and this time its NOT the local fuzz.