A few words on synching carburetors.

To synch the carbs on my titan, and this works too on multiple carb setups on cars, I do this. and may be of use to others. It makes use of the ears ability to make very accurate comparisons with sound pressure levels..... this is how we gauge direction. I made up a "stethoscope" out of 1/4 inch clear plastic tuning, the two carburetor ends are fitted with a short piece of copper brake line each to prevent crushing. The listening ends are fitted into 2 plastic bottle caps, and fixed to each ear with an elastic band around the head.

Don't let anyone see you wearing this..... the men in white coats could visit.

Now, each free end of the tubing is inserted just inside the carburetor inlets and held there with a RELIABLE croc clip. With the bike running, it becomes very easy to adjust the slides for equal suck, the 2 ears comparing one to the other. With 3 carbs, two are firstly synched, and one then becomes the comparison for the third. This is done at an idle. If the engine is revved, the mixture lean or rich makes a different sound too from each intake, caused I think by variations in the transfers working against slightly different pressures depending on the previous combustion cycle.

You may like to try this.