Starfire Universal CDI fitting instruction for H2R using the original
magneto coils.

This installation will require the additional SIGNAL VOLTAGE

1) Mount unit to bike.

2) Identify the six single bullet connectors from the Three ignition

3) Connect three BLACK CDI wires to the Negative terminal connectors,
one for each coil.

4) Connect the CDI ORANGE, BLUE, and DARK GREEN wires to the three
single bullets corresponding to coil LEFT, CENTER, and RIGHT positive

5) Discard the original kill switch unit

6) Connect the CDI GREY wire to the active terminal of the engine stop

7) Connect  one BLACK CDI wire to a firm ground.

8) Connect the CDI YELLOW, PURPLE and LIGHT GREEN wires to the three
signal coil bullet connectors from alternator. These are LEFT CENTER and

9) Connect the BROWN CDI wire to the BROWN wire of the Starfire SVC

10 Connect the SVC YELLOW, PURPLE  and LIGHT GREEN wires from the SVC
Unit also to the 3 connectors as in step 8.

11) Cut short the unused wire from the CDI. This is BLACK x1

It is possible to run the H2R from a small battery
pack to supply the  required CDI voltage. A pack of 8 2000 mAh AA
rechargeable NiMh or NiCads will run the unit for approximately 1.5
The GREY inhibit wire will cut the engine immediately when grounded.
This will allow an external RPM limiter to be connected to the system.
This installation does not require the additional SVC unit.

1) repeat steps 1 to 8 above.

2) Connect the BROWN CDI wire through a suitable  "engine on" switch to
the positive terminal of a suitable battery pack, the other negative
terminal returning to ground. It is suggested a POLARIZED plug socket
arrangement be used to allow hotswapping of battery packs between races.

3) The GREY wire can be used either as a kill switch as above, or used
as a RPM limit with a suitable tachometer.