Beginner's Guide

This is a guide for those new to Triples and covers many of the questions normally asked.  This is intended ONLY as a guide.

For bikes that have been sitting for any length of time:
-Drain and replace all fluids
-Totally teardown & clean carbs with carb cleaner
-Decarb exhaust baffles
-Decarb pistons

Carb kits:
-don't use them

There are a lot of opinions on oils.  However, few would disagree that these are good choices.

  -Two Stroke Oil:
    -Good synthetic or semi syn - Yamalube, Belray SI7, Redline Racing

   - Gear Oil 80-90wt without modifiers - Belray Gearsaver

Oil Pump:
-Insure there are no bubbles in the lines
-Prime by manually holding pump full on at idle