garyr wrote:

Since I installed an HID light kit on my Valkyrie I had to have them on all my bikes. Just the safety factor that cars will now see you in the day is huge, but at night it lights up the sky like day time.

The HID bulb only draws 35watts, that's equivalent to using your high beam.

This is my mag light along side my stock head light. You can see the mag light is brighter than the 400's head lamp.

I needed an H4 head light for the new HID bulb to work so I bought a repro 6.25" head light from Speed Moto.  I had the rear of the bucket powder coated black. It looks almost like the OEM light. This light is made by Emco and is on the cheap side, it does not have a head light ring adjuster but it does work fine and does look great. Call him first, Brian at


Insulate the ears with some kind of rubber gasket.

I installed the turn signals in the threaded holes that fit the blinkers. You can do this a number of ways but I chose to just bolt them on to the head light.

When you install the bulb it has a reflection shield. The shield is facing upside down for this application so I removed the spring clips and just spun the head light 360 degrees.

In my opinion this is the most affordable HID kit on the market. This guy sells them at M/C shows. Go with a 43k light, it's the brightest.
At $150.00 that's not a bad price. It's one bulb, you get the high and low beam from a servo motor that adjusts or spins the bulb in or out to get high and low beam.

**I probably should have pointed this out. Nothing was altered or cut.
The HID kit is plug and play and uses the power from the head light plug only. Again you do not tap into to anything. **

The new head light from Speed Moto comes with a new style 3 wire headlight plug, You connect the black with black and the red with the red and yellow stripe than the blue with the bikes red and black stripe.

You guys who would never change an original triple part, just save the old head light bucket and put it back on when you sell it. In the meantime ride safe with a bright head light.